The teeth deformities can have adverse effects on the smile of a person. Cosmetic Dentistry offers varied treatments that help to restore and hide the damages on the teeth. It is performed by efficient cosmetic dentists who provide personalized treatments to the patients. The procedures offer aesthetic benefits to the appearance of the person. The dentists at Hope Dental attend to each patient and give them the best outcome through treatment planning.

Facts about Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Cosmetic Dentistry helps to hide damaged and discolored teeth.
  • Sensitive teeth can be treated through Cosmetic Dentistry.
  • Cosmetic treatments restore the functionality of the teeth.
  • It provides smile makeovers to the patients.
  • The treatment helps to protect the enamel of the tooth.

Major Types of Cosmetic Treatments

Dental Implants: The gaps in the mouth caused by tooth loss can be treated through Dental Implants. It is a permanent solution that involves the implant of the titanium root into the jawbone. An artificial tooth is placed on top of the root, which instills functionality. The treatment enhances the facial aesthetics of the person, reflecting in their appearance.

Dental Crown:  A damaged or discolored tooth in the mouth can be concealed through Dental crowns. It is a cap-like structure, which is worn over the cracked, chipped, and stained tooth. Crown is customized according to the size and shape of the existing tooth. It is made of various materials like composite resin and porcelain. Crown is a durable option that enhances the strength of the damaged tooth.

Teeth Whitening: The stains and discoloration on the teeth can be treated through professional Teeth whitening. The process involves the usage of whitening agents on the teeth, which helps to provide desired whiteness. The treatment is safer than over-the-counter whitening kits. It is a quick treatment that enhances the appearance of the person.

Dental Veneer:  It is a cosmetic treatment that helps cover up the front teeth’ deformities. Dental Veneer is a wafer-thin tooth-colored shell that is customized according to each patient’s requirement. The minimally invasive procedure provides coverage to gaps in between the teeth and mishappened teeth. It is a permanent and durable treatment option for people.

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