Restorative dentistry refers to an array of dental treatments that helps to repair and replace a damaged tooth. The treatments help to avoid the spread of infections and restore the functionality of the tooth. At Smile Solutions DMD, various dental treatments are offered under restorative dentistry.

Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

  • Restorative dentistry provides relief from extreme pain caused by dental conditions.
  • The treatment helps to preserve bone strength in the jaw of the patient.
  • It helps to enhance the appearance of the patient and restore their smile.
  • The treatment helps to restore the functionality of the damaged tooth.
  • Restorative treatments help to treat bite conditions of the patients.

Types of Dental Treatments Under Restorative Dentistry


It is a restorative treatment that helps to replace missing teeth. Dentures are customized according to the measurements of the natural tooth. They either replace whole arches of teeth as complete dentures, or just a few teeth as partial dentures. They are removable attachments made of resin and/or combined with metal.


A dental crown is a permanent cap worn on a damaged tooth. It conceals the discoloration and deformities of the tooth and enhances the appearance of the person. Crowns protect decayed teeth and restore functionality by providing strength to the teeth. A dental crown provides a long-lasting outcome of the treatment if the person follows proper dental hygiene.


The gap in between the teeth created by missing teeth can be covered using dental bridges. It is an artificial tooth or teeth made of porcelain and affixed to the gap with the help of abutment teeth. Dental bridges are fabricated to match the natural tooth color of the patient. It is a fixed restoration that demonstrates durability up to fifteen years if proper dental care is followed.


Dental implants are replacements for the entire tooth structure. An implant made of titanium is surgically placed into the jawbone, which functions as the root of the tooth. An artificial tooth is then placed above the root, which provides a complete tooth structure. The treatments help to provide the functionality of the tooth and mimic the appearance of the natural tooth. It also helps to provide facial structure to the patient.

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