The staff is friendly, the office is comfortable, and they patiently explained what was going on with me and how they’re going to fix it. Also, I love seeing my x-rays while Dr. Pierce reviews the condition of my teeth with me. If all dental offices were like this, more people would go!

– John B.

After 30+ years we found Dr. Pierce again and he’s still on point, efficient, proficient and professional. Dr. Pierce is very family oriented & would recommend to all families & friends.

– David J.

If you hate going to the dentist, this is the dentist for you. Dr. Pierce is knowledgeable, professional, and affable. His staff is equally outstanding. The waiting room is small but comfortable and nicely appointed. The treatment rooms are well equipped, hygienic, and comfortable.

– Bea W.

Dr Pierce was my first dentist over 30 years ago. I moved away and when returning back to New Orleans and needed dental care. It was clearly a no brainer that Dr Pierce was my choice to do my dental implant. And although I’ve since relocated out of state, I now travel back and forth because he is the best! Lisa and Jessica are great and obviously experienced as well. The atmosphere is always light and everyone make me feel totally relaxed. Thanks you guys!

– Kimberly M.

Absolutely one of the best around! After much research and experiences with other Dentists I have found my Smile again with Dr. Mitchell A. Pierce Jr., DMD. I have had many dentists in my past and everything from Root-Canals to Extractions to fillings, sensitive teeth etc…. I feel at home with Dr. Pierce and the staff at SmilesolutionsDMD and recommended the staff here to any and everyone; The options are presented and explained very well. I appreciate Dr. Pierce and staff and highly recommend them to all.

– Joshua C.

Omg, I finally completed the last phase of my implants, I could not be any happier!!! They look so natural!!! Great dentist, great staff, and great atmosphere!!!

– Dolita W.

He is very personal and the staff is simply awesome.

– Shelly J.

As soon as I walked through the door I was welcomed, everyone was very welcoming and friendly with big smiles on their faces😁 showing their geourgious teeth, re-affirming that I was in the right place. And the service was very nurturing and professionally done. Thanks to all staff for a warm and wonderful visit!!!!

– In T.

Great customer service and even better dental work 👍👍👍👍👍

– Rickey C.

It is VERY VERY VERY AWESOME. Today was my 1st day. It was like FAMILY. I would give this place a 10 star if they had that option.

– Aaron P.

After hearing a Radio ad for Smile Solutions and presently feeling some tooth discomfort I took the next step and made an appointment. The Dental Office Staff and Dr. Pierce are “Top Notch”. I was running behind for my scheduled appointment due to work obligations and the staff said come on, and take your time we’ll be here when you get here! I arrived 20min later and I was greeted warmly and after the standard X-rays for New Patients’ I was in the chair and being taken care of. If you’re in the market for a new dentist I would recommend Dr. Pierce and his dental practice. They have a new client for sure.

– A D.

Love this place, Very friendly, Nice and Clean.
– Katina G.

Thanks for your kind professional assistance in maintaining my smile.
– Christy W.

I have been seeing Dr. Pierce since 2009. I’ve had majority of my dental work done here including 2 implants that involved little to no pain. I refuse to go to any other place for dental issues. He makes you feel like you are at home and the staff are just delightful. I recommend, recommend, recommend this dental facility to you and your family. You won’t be disappointed.

– Rayven F.

Excellent caring staff!!! I went for an implant and I thought it was going to be painful and it wasn’t. It went very well and I felt completely comfortable! I would definitely recommend Dr. Pierce!

– Dominique N.